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Girth Gears Manufacturer

Ball Mill Girth Gears Manufacturers

Ball Mill Girth Gears Manufacturers

We at Gears Hub is a manufacturer of all type of industrial gears from more than 60 years, Girth gear and ball mill gears are important component in the gear drive assembly. We manufacturing girth gears in multiple segments, which can be 2, 4 or 8 equal sizes and these gears are mainly using in ball mill cement plants, kiln drive system, cement plants, steel re rolling mills, sugar plants and other heavy industries.

Girth gears is most popular and common due to low manufacturing cost and takes less time to install in compare of other industrial gears also the life of girth gears depends upon usage, lubrication and alignment. Most of the industries prefer first choice to girth gears due to its cost, quick installation and low running cost. Girth gear is generally used in ball mills and kiln drives of cement plants and other heavy industries.

Girth Gears Sizes and Standard

There are many standards for manufacturing girth gears and pinion gears. Universal standards are AGMA 321.05, AGMA 6004 F88 and ISO 6336.

Sizes & Uses of Girth Gears
Girth Gears are main components in a gear drive assembly. They are made with various segments being the most common ones having 2, 4, and 8 equal sizes. As largest girth gears manufacturers in India, We Gears Hub provides quality girth gears to all over world including south africa, UAE and other south asian countries.

Girth gears are large in size, storage of these gears are difficult because its takes much space of factory, as they are economial and quick install we have ready stock of these type of large gears also we develop on demand also.