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Helical Gears

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Helical Gears Manufacturer

Gears Hub serving heavy industrial and transmission business over 6 decade ago and and turned in to complete turnkey plant manufacturers in todays competitive market. Helical Gears having cut at an angle to the face of gear, when to or more teeth on a gear system engage and contact starts at end of the tooth on a gear engage. We always opt latest technologies and provide excellent quality products. Our team of professional engineers and fabricators examin the quality test and quality standard of OEM.

As a manufacturer and suppliers we understand requirements of custom gears, We are located in capital of India and having a well infrastructure to helical gears manufacturer.

Helical Gears Specification

Helical gears are designed to transmit motion and power between either parallel or right-angle shafts which rotate in opposite directions. Helical gears are very durable and able to take high load applications, We manufacture using stainless steel, 2014 T4 aluminum and other mixed material for allowing heavy loads at high performance efficiency. These gears are used in marine applications, machine tools, rolling mills and turbine drives application.

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